Our Company was formed in 1996 as a professional management firm, Dialtone Management Inc. We used our 20+ years of telecommunications expertise acquired form major telecommunications companies to provide clients with cost saving alternatives. We developed great expertise in this area, and basically learned how to reduce every telecom and data bill for our client. We analyzed all kinds of bills from clients and would always be able to figure a way to do it “better and cheaper”.

Then the energy industry deregulated, and we saw the complexities that energy deregulation would cause (Telecom and Energy industry are so very similar). So we started up a new division called Energy Management Services Inc. to offer our existing book of clients the many advantages of our industry knowledge and rate expertise that they were used to receiving from us on their telecom and data.

After 15+ years in business, we now have the ability to offer our clients a fully rounded utility management program which includes energy, gas, telecom and data analysis and quoting capabilities. We have multiple supplier agreements in each industry that allow us to work for our clients inexpensively because we receive all compensation from the suppliers directly.

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