What is Electric and Gas Deregulation?

Benefits of Energy Deregulation
Businesses Choice.

  • Businesses have the Choice to choose their electric and natural gas suppliers
  • Businesses have the Choice of pricing options for their services
  • Businesses have the Choice of agreement terms with suppliers to lock down rates

*These are benefits that large companies in Illinois have enjoyed for over 10 years.

To learn more about your freedom of choice click link below:


Now, it’s your time.  Energy Management Inc. will provide “best of class” quotes from trustworthy suppliers for your electricity supply using your utility company's existing distribution lines and meters.

The Conversion to a new supplier is simple and seamless and your business will not experience any disruptions or changes to the service received. And the major benefit to you is that you could save money on your energy prices compared to rates from your local utility company.

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Energy Deregulation and How It Works

For most people in the United States, there are three steps to getting electricity to your home or business:

1. Energy supply / generation -
production of electricity
2. Transmission - sending high voltage
power to distribution lines
3. Distribution - delivering it to
your business


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