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Electricity Procurement

Since 2006, Energy Management has been helping businesses to reduce cost and risk by negotiating competitive electricity supply contracts. Today Energy Management manages the electricity procurement process for many commercial and industrial businesses across the United States. Currently Energy Management has many small to large sized businesses under contract.

Energy Management works as your independent electricity broker, always representing your business, not the supplier. In partnership with Energy Management's network of endorsed associations, our professionals assist clients in every stage of the electricity procurement process. There are no upfront expenditures, hourly fees, or retainers for your business. Energy Management is only compensated if the client chooses to implement a recommended solution.

appi energyHow It Works

Energy Management works as your independent electricity consultant, always representing your business, not the supplier. In partnership with Energy Management`s network of endorsed associations, our professionals assist clients through every stage of the procurement process including:

  • The analysis of existing electricity accounts and supplier contracts.
  • The solicitation of supply offers from qualified, competing electricity suppliers.
  • The vetting of suppliers, and the negotiation of best price, terms, and conditions.
  • The handling of all paperwork and the management of the transition process to the new supplier.
  • The ongoing management of client accounts to ensure optimum performance and supplier service.
  • The monitoring of energy markets for additional opportunities and continued due diligence of suppliers.
  • No upfront expenditures, hourly fees, or retainers, Energy Management Inc. is only compensated if the client chooses to implement a recommended solution.

How to get started

Contact Energy Management and you will be assigned a dedicated, experienced consultant that will work with you every step of the way.  Our consultant team is supported by a staff of business professionals including tariff analysts, legal, financial, technology, marketing, and customer service experts.

In order to best evaluate your business needs and to identify opportunities to reduce and manage electricity costs, follow these two simple steps:

1. Sign a letter of authorization that allows your Energy Management consultant the ability to obtain your electricity consumption history from your current supplier. Your Energy Management consultant will send the letter of authorization over for you to sign and you simply fax it back.

2. Provide Energy Management a copy of at least one month's bill and your consultant will take it from there.

Energy Management has direct access to energy suppliers in the states where its clients operate. Energy Management performs initial and ongoing due diligence of vendors to determine which ones can and will provide reliable energy services to Energy Management's clients, as well as exceptional customer service.

To better serve its clients, Energy Management's staff draws upon its cutting-edge market research capabilities, knowledge of suppliers’ contract terms and conditions, and its vast database of energy information.

Natural Gas Management

appi energyThe deregulated natural gas market continues to evolve and has become more complicated and volatile. In addition to on-going, and at times significant changes in this market, the issues related to credit have impacted the suppliers, creating additional costs and validation requirements that are passed-on to the consumer. Many consumers are unaware of and/or not prepared to deal with these market issues.

The process of monitoring and selecting suppliers, developing and adapting a strategy to manage natural gas supply, and the execution, administration, and tracking of supply contracts can require a significant investment of time and can be a substantial budget item fraught with unpredictability and unnecessary costs. Determining an effective natural gas procurement strategy that fits the client’s operational needs and management style is critical. Just as important is the ongoing management of the supply process after the strategy has been set and supply contracts have been implemented. Energy Management provides its Clients guidance and assistance at each step as it supports Clients in a customized consultative manner.

Energy Management monitors the natural gas market for best times to renew, extend, or modify supply contracts.  Energy Management often structures supply strategies to maintain flexibility, working with the Client to capture opportunities, to avoid poor timing, and to achieve target price levels that meet budget goals.  Strategies are created based on risk assessment, budgetary goals, market conditions, and timing. This requires careful analysis and follow-up, not guesswork.

Our intent is to provide you, Energy Management’s Client, complete support throughout the term of our entire relationship as together we determine the best approach for you to procure, manage, and service natural gas for each of your facilities. In short, Energy Management can serve as your “energy department or team without adding additional fixed staff costs”.

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